Welcome to my new blog!

This photo possibly sums up my interest in horticulture & ethnobotany - this liminal space of history (the old church and houses of a particular architectural era), adjacent to a carpark that looks like a derelict site where weeds & wildflowers (nature) is slowly taking over, with remnants of cultivated plants, juxtaposed with an immaculate street lined with neat pollarded trees.

I recently finished doing a year long scholarship at Great Dixter gardens and my blog A Year At Dixter. As this is not a blog that is tied to any scheme, it will be less rigid, not daily, more sporadic and a much freer blog of the ramblings & meanderings of a freelance horticulturalist & gardener, highlighting my interests and practical & hands-on explorations - a sketchbook of ideas and thoughts. My research & development is in the doing as much as the thinking.

I am interested in how people use plants and how plants work, but I am also interested in how people interact with different kinds of space with plants as the connecting factor. I want to create engaging spaces using plants and not just look at history and case studies.

As my partner Graeme Walker is a maker of social spaces and we have collaborated before in work and often in thoughts and ideas, my interest and this blog is also tied to his work: the tiny school.

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