Since being back from Dixter, my partner has had to move out of his place called The Hermitage, where he has been living for the past five years. And as I have no fixed abode at the moment, we find ourselves adrift, reanalysing and wondering afresh what is home, what is the ideal place we are looking for? How do we attain it? Linking in with the bare essential question of how do we sustain ourselves?

This will become part of our explorations as we think about spaces. How big will it be? Will it be new or old? Will it have a garden? Rural or urban? Static or mobile? I don't actually want to standardly rent a place at the moment and commit myself to a contract of a specific time period, because I want to keep myself free & flexible to travel and work in different places. But I would still like a base that I can call home, a homing place that I can come back to from time to time, somewhere where I can put my feet up and rest from travelling and experiencing the unfamiliar. Somewhere where I can feel a space to myself and to own that. I know that this space does not need to be a big space but a space that feels big enough. I know that I would like it to be something out of the ordinary, and dare to dream for somewhere a bit more magic.

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