A tale of all seasons

It starts at the meadows being cut in summer last year, and how fast the year had seemed to come around. A sense of melancholy. Not that I dislike the arrival of autumn, but more that summer seemed to be ending all too soon again. Maybe also because it signified that my time at Dixter was coming to an end.

Then to be fully immersed in autumn colours in Somerset and Devon. A friend full of sadness who I had not seen for a long time. Days where it rained yellow leaves, soft smoke fires and the last of the dying green.

Then the excitement of evergreen exotica at Tresco, winter fast forwarded, transported to a different world, still in the British Isles, but feeling more at home. Returning back to the mainland, I go back in time, a world forgotten, seasons reversing, trees still bare, leaves yet to come.

Then my arrival in France, surrounded by ominous and stark bare woods, barren fields. But wild flowers starts to light up the side of the roads, first golden carpets of celandine, dotted with the blue and purple of Pulmoneria sp. and patterns of spotted leaves. The bright primroses and cowslips that seem to glow in the evening light. Then the prettiest of Silene alba opening and becoming more bold, eventually pierced through by strong magenta early spotted orchids, pineapple weeds, the odd wild asparagus bolting, light airyness of Cardamine pratensis and the stunning blue of wild speedwell Veronica chamaedris. Fields of rape gets brighter. The heaviness of the forests lifts day by day as young leaves unfurl. My favourite time of year. The increasing tapestry of colour continuing rapidly to the lush full green of summer. From the gentile countryside of the Loire Valley to the soft sea breezes of Britanny.

And then the future will bring the familiar terrains of Scotland & Wales, a different kind of season, the tropical climes of Sri Lanka, hot monsoons, a different kind of growth, of space and time, tailed with the sunny hills of Sicily. More seasons yet to unfold, more tales yet to be told.

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  1. I am enjoying your blog Maggie and look forward to the coming posts. ..especially Sri lanka