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Chicago Botanic Garden - Prairies and Green Roofs

Chicago Botanic Garden is huge - 385 acres with 27 garden areas and ‘four natural areas’ and is interesting in that it is a chain of nine islands set in a forest preserve. It is immaculately kept, whilst I was there they had a Roberto Burle Marx inspired annual display, and unfortunately they had experienced some flooding and damage in the garden. Environmental issues like these is becoming more and more a common situation that many gardens have to face, and it is always interesting to see how gardens deal with it. It was clear where the damage was, a drift of Cotoneaster shrubs were rendered dead and the bottom of a row of box hedge had a dusty appearance and was a different colour to the rest of the bush. The best thing was that the garden instead of trying to hide the damage or being really apologetic about it, used it as an educational opportunity with simple signs informing the public of what had happened, and making them aware of the problems that can arise in changing climates.