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Sustainable business strategies for small scale, independent nurseries

The Botanic Nursery, Wiltshire, July 2020.  As part of a recent contribution to the Young Propagator’s Society zine I have decided to release this corresponding research and my dissertation from 2016. Due to the circumstances in which the dissertation was written (limited word counts etc.) and a set academic approach, it is rather dry in tone and (I am a little galled to say) feels like it brushes over some of the topics. Nevertheless, I feel there are important things that can be extracted from the piece, which was based on interviews I undertook with several nurseries England, Wales and Holland. These gave an insight (in their own words) of how they approach their businesses and reveals their thoughts and ideas around sustainability. Although it is not my finest work, its ended up being one of the reasons I was granted the Prince of Wales Sustainable Horticulture Award in the same year. I've since updated the dissertation and have added notes from Caroline Jackman, a brilliant e